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Drones for Architects

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

New Frontier of Sight

BAD has invested in drone technology to expand human sight for the review and exploration of the building & site. By utilizing First Person Video (FPV) Drones, we are able to conduct field reviews that would otherwise require specialized lift equipment and capture perspectives we were never able to do. We can now explore and inspect areas of our buildings from the safety of the ground for our staff, contractors and clients.


We are bringing drones into the preliminary design process to give BAD sight from our proposed projects which will inform placement of windows, balconies and terraces.

Expanding on this, as we move into construction, BAD will utilize drones for the exploration of the construction process; giving clients and the public a perspective of construction not otherwise available.


We are certain there will be other uses and opportunities FPV drones will provide. Stay tuned for more FPV drone coverage of our ongoing work. For now, enjoy the cinematic opportunities FPV drones can provide.

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